Courses Taught

Freie Universität Berlin

Philosophy of Action

Introduction to Practical Philosophy

Douglas College

Philosophy of Mind

Environmental Ethics

Social and Political Philosophy

Values and Contemporary Issues

Business Ethics

Critical Thinking

Brooklyn College

Business Ethics

Introduction to Philosophy

New York University

Ethics (Primary instructor: David Velleman)

Public-Facing Pedagogy and Outreach

Metropolitan Detention Center, Brooklyn

I was a teaching assistant for a Philosophy and Literature class for inmates at the prison.

Pedagogical Development and Support

Writing Across the Curriculum Fellow, LaGuardia Community College

I designed writing-intensive courses in collaboration with faculty across the disciplines, with a special focus on low-stakes and scaffolded assignments.


Writing Center Fellow, LaGuardia Community College

I worked with students in an individual setting according to the principles of Writing Across the Curriculum pedagogy on both their individual assignments and their writing more generally.


Zander Olsen, "Untitled"