(forthcoming) A Pathology of Group Agency. Social Theory and Practice.

Using the example of the Proud Boys, this paper explores two things: how dissident members undermine the agency of a group and how a group may be responsible for things those members bring about.

(2022) "Why We Need a New Normativism about Collective Action". Philosophical Quarterly 72(2): 478-507. Co-authored with Javier Gomez-Lavin.

This paper presents new empirical research about collective action, which suggests that, according to our common understanding, we do not need to seek the permission of our co-actors before leaving a collective action. We then consider what these results mean for a normativist theory of collective action.

(2021) "Quasi-Psychologism about Collective Intention". Ethical Theory and Moral Practice.

This paper considers the consequences of recent empirical results for a class of views of collective intention.

(2019) "Normativity in Joint Action", Mind & Language 34(1): 97-120. Co-authored with Javier Gomez-Lavin

This paper presents empirical research on intuitions about the normative relations involved in joint action. It suggests that the results support a “normativist” view of collective intention.

(2018) "Alignment and Commitment in Joint Action", Philosophical Psychology, 31(6): 831-849

This paper argues against an attempted application of research in cognitive science and social psychology to philosophical debates about joint action. It then argues for a different way of applying that research.

(2016) “Hegemony, Power, and Social Reality in Gramsci and Searle”, Journal of Political Power, 9(2): 227-247.

This paper attempts a synthesis of work on the nature of social reality by John Searle and Antonio Gramsci. It argues that such a synthesis is mutually beneficial.


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Collective Action as Involvement

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How We Act Together

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A Pathology of Group Agency

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Alignment and Commitment in Joint Action

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Group Responsibility for Dissident Action

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Coupling and Collective Intentionality

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Bruce Nauman, "Double Poke in the Eye II"